Instructor Biography:

Destined to rise and bound for glory, Alana Biffert’s obsession for glass is mirrored by the depth of her skill set, materialized, through her passion for the trade.  A European upbringing constructed the first decade of Biffert’s life, taking on her first ten in Malta. Meanwhile a wanting Canada stood waiting, in preparation, to consume the second. After graduation, Biffert took home a BFA in Glass from Alberta College of Art and Design. Her next step was to punch the clock as a Glass tech down at Red Deer College. Opportunities blossomed and after working with a number of well-known local artists, Biffert spent the next three years in her pursuit on a professional level. Welcoming every opportunity, this Commonwealth cavalier worked with various talents in both New Zealand and Australia in her travels down under. Fourteen years trusted into this endless love affair has replaced Biffert back into the bosom of Alberta. Enthusiastic to learn and accumulate techniques she has persisted in teaching glass at ACAD for the past four years and is eager to share her inspirations collected. With a multifaceted set of skills, Biffert focuses her energy on concept driven, large-scale installations. Drawing her inspiration from the leafy essence of the mountain forests her works surround the permanent.